Nel-Olivia Waga

Author & Entrepreneur


Nel-Olivia Waga is an International Brand Consultant, an Author, and Entrepreneur. Her work focuses on bringing more Sustainability, Well-Being and Consciousness to the Luxury Industry - and beyond. She believes that the Luxury Industry has the greatest potential to impact our society for good. Prior to becoming an Entrepreneur, Nel-Olivia graduated from University with a Diploma in Business Management & Marketing and Communication, worked as a Model, followed by international Sales and Marketing positions at HUGO BOSS, Deutsche Bank and Coutts & Co. She is fluent in German, English and Polish, and has lived in Canada, Poland, Germany, Spain, USA, France, UK and Switzerland. Nel-Olivia’s current base is between Zurich and London. Her projects support the ethics of The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development to inspire for action towards a more positive future.


Founded in 2014 and re-launched in 2019, by Nel-Olivia Waga. HER / etiquette is an established international blog, that shares stories about luxury lifestyle under the aspect of a conscious mindset. It collaborates with leading brands and specialists who support the idea of generating a positive impact in the world. It covers local hotspots and global trends around well-being, beauty, travel, time, art, business, charity. Each story is underlined with values such as the brand's initiatives towards ethical craftsmanship, sustainability and social responsibility.

Nel-Olivia’s 2015 founded marketing agency re-launched in 2022 under the name YMPACT LAB. The Zurich based, globally operating firm offers bespoke consulting focusing on strategy, purpose and sustainable impact.

YMPACT stands for „Your IMPACT“: it creates future facing concepts, contemporary ecosystems and innovative experiences for luxury brands that want to stand for the values that matter to them and their key stakeholders. A collective driven by Nel-Olivia and her network of leading-edge advisors from various fields of business and sustainability. The firm counts leading global names among its clients.

Since 2015 Nel-Olivia Waga is a Contributor at She writes articles around travel, art and well-being by focusing on her values of #ConsciousLuxury. Forbes is one of the world’s most influential economic magazines, headquartered in New York, USA.

Since 2014, in the early days of her entrepreneurship, Nel-Olivia Waga has been involved in supporting several charity entities and projects of the United Nations, such as UNICEF and WHO.

Since 2019 her main focus lies in supporting and raising awareness for the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In 2019, Nel-Olivia became the official Ambassador of for Goal #3 Good Health and Well-Being. This year, part of the revenue of her work will be donated to in support of several projects helping those in urgent need caused by the impact of the current pandemic . HER/etiquette’s event activities and campaigns also help raise funds for this initiative.


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